WAG Visual Elements 62 Gwen Card, "Orange You Glad"

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Painting of orange Gladioli flowers

Gwen Card, St. Thomas
Orange You Glad, 2020
121.92 x 60.96 x 3.81 cm

“Much of my work is inspired by the simple pleasures found in everyday life such as this stem of orange Gladioli. The way the light was bouncing around within the petals, creating such interesting shapes & illuminating colours was so intriguing to me that I knew I had to try and capture it on canvas.

I share how I observe life around me with my artwork, looking beyond the obvious. I find that by painting large, it allows the viewer to connect on a more intimate level, perhaps discovering something worthy of a closer look; a chance to pause for a moment to just ‘be’ and discover beauty in unusual places.”



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