WAG Visual Elements 62 Christine Thammavongsa, "Order Out of Chaos"

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Abstract black and white painting with lines and splashes of colour

Christine Thammavongsa, Ingersoll
Order Out of Chaos, 2020
Acrylic on canvas
76.2 x 101.6 cm

“This recent work incorporates a vocabulary of techniques and automatiste art-making approaches that have evolved over many years of exploration and experimentation. A lifelong gardener and naturalist, my work draws directly from this innate affinity for nature and even when non-representational, often alludes to the forms and materials of nature. While unplanned in its execution, the final abstract image in this instance subconsciously emerges from a recent fascination with views of our planet from above via drone and satellite video and photography. At once geological and universal, while also playing with a balance of fluid light and dark tones in conjunction with a full spectrum of colours, themes of universal order and chaos and the origins of life are suggested. As is typical in my work, subject matter often emerges spontaneously from deep sub-conscious venues with a personal exploration of connection to the universe, memories, ancestry, healing and relationships gradually emerging to the forefront.”

Artist’s Website: www.christinethammavongsa.com



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