WAG Visual Elements 62 Barbara Fenning Lowik, "The Green Man"

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Stained glass artwork of a man's face surrounded by green and orange leaves

Barbara Fenning Lowik, Woodstock
The Green Man, 2020
Stained glass in zinc frame
60.96 cm diameter

“We read of an ancient legendary figure dating back nearly 2000 years, perhaps Celtic, perhaps Pagan in origin, yet he also frequently appears carved in wood or stone, in cathedrals churches and abbeys, where examples can be found dating through to the 21st century. The Green Man is a spirit of nature’s cycle symbolizing rebirth and regrowth, along with the ultimate ending that allows for the cycle to begin anew. In this stained glass piece we see his dark green face peering out at us from in his leafy forest kingdom, born of the natural world and exploding with new growth, with the enclosed circle encompassing that energy that can only be found in nature.”



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