WAG Visual Elements 62 Barbara Fenning Lowik, "The Canadian Seasons"

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Stained glass artwork of the four seasons in an oak frame


Barbara Fenning Lowik, Woodstock
The Canadian Seasons, 2019
Stained glass in a custom-made oak frame
66.04 x 96.52 cm

“One of the many reasons that I love being a Canadian is the beautiful changes we see in the seasons. I wait in anticipation for the new Spring to arrive, for the buds on the trees to appear and for the plants to once again peak their shy heads through the rich earth. When Summer begins to unfold I am in awe of the brilliant greens of the majestic trees and the glorious colours of the flowers that surround us. Orange, the colour of embers and brilliant reds in the Fall encompass us in that special glowing light as only this season can. As this cycle continues into the stark whites of Winter, the snow covers the earth in a soft white quilt, reminding us that the warmth and rebirth of Spring is always just around the corner.”



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