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School Programming

Why book a program?

The Woodstock Art Gallery education programs are designed to help students:

  • Learn to analyze and discuss elements of design and the conceptual or emotional qualities conveyed in the artwork.
  • Build a foundation through which students can develop an appreciation and understanding of the visual arts.
  • Participate in cross-curricular and interdisciplinary learning and visual literacy strategies to communicate with others about visual art


Since arts experiences offer other modes and ways of experiencing and learning, children will have opportunities to think and feel as they explore, problem solve, express, interpret, and evaluate the process and the results. "To watch a child completely engaged in an arts experience is to recognize that the brain is on, driven by the aesthetic and emotional imperative to make meaning, to say something, to represent what matters." The Arts Go to School, David Booth and Masayuki Hachiya, eds. (Markham, Ontario: Pembroke Publishers, 2004), p.15

Planning a visit to the gallery

  • Contact the Education Department at (519) 539-6761 ext. 2802 to pre-book your visit.
  • Teachers and adult supervisors are free.
  • Cost of on-site programs: $5.00 per student (minimum of $60 per program)

Art Picks!

Art Picks are education packages that pair our most popular hands-on activities with a tour of current exhibitions. We will help you customize your Art Picks programs to combine a tour with an activity best suited to your class or group’s curriculum, interests and age. These programs are designed to encourage students to utilize their imaginations, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The Gallery also offers tours in conjunction with the Woodstock Museum. These double tours are cost effective for our out of town schools by combining one transportation cost and two great programs. Advanced registration is required.

Pick Sculpture: This program is designed for students in JK and up. Groups will focus on the importance of line, shape and form in sculpture. Tour and activity take approximately an hour and a half. The project created during this program can be customized to suit varying themes. Different types of medium to choose from are clay, plasticine, wire, plaster and gauze.

Pick Printmaking: Now modified for JK and up, this great program is explored using the techniques of famous printmakers, and the traditional printmaking process. Students will experiment with colour, line and negative space in their prints. A variety of types of printmaking are available to choose: lino-cuts, block prints, and monoprinting. The length of this program is approximately two hours including a tour of the facility.

Pick Painting: This program reviews the basics of painting including the elements, line, shape, perspective and composition. Students will experience a full colour theory lesson while they have the freedom of creating their own picture with curriculum based subject matter. The length of this program is approximately an hour and a half including the tour. Customize your acrylic workshop according to your needs. There is also a program option for learning watercolour. Great for all ages JK and up, this program explores colour, line, and art experimentation and creativity. Students will have fun making their own pictures and watching how watercolour reacts using different techniques. The group will focus on the elements and principles of design and composition. The length of this program is approximately an hour and a half including a tour.

Pick Drawing: Students will feel like a true artist when they step into the workshop with professional lighting and still life subject matter. This workshop emphasizes drawing techniques with lessons on line, shape, texture and value. Students will practice step by step techniques that even the pros use. This workshop is approximately and hour and a half in length including the tour.

New! Artist Talks: For a $1 fee per student, classes can have the opportunity for a professional artist to speak to them at the gallery. The focus of this talk is to inspire students about art and to answer any questions they may have about becoming an artist in the professional world. Artists: TBA

Resources for Teachers: Pre and post visit guides, rubrics and helpful resources are available for teachers through our website under Education Programs.

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