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Rebranding for the Future

The Woodstock Art Gallery has experienced a tremendous amount of change over the past five decades.

Since its founding in 1966 by the Oxford County Art Association, the Gallery has grown from a modest space in the basement of the public library to its present location occupying three floors of the former John White Department Store.

Today the Gallery is a leading arts organization with a permanent collection of over 1,900 works, and vibrant exhibition and education programs. It is a valuable community resource that provides opportunities for people to express, experience and learn creatively through art.

With the future now in focus, the Gallery will be rebranding with a new logo in 2022.

The rebranding process kicked off last year with a request for proposals from graphic designers. After receiving applications from across Canada, the Rebranding Committee selected a shortlist of three designers. Each designer has developed one of the logos displayed here.


Logo with a blue square, yellow triangle and red circle above Woodstock Art Gallery in bolded text

About the Design

Everything, including works of art, can be analyzed in terms of three basic shapes — the square, triangle and circle. These shapes also reflect the pillars of art, education and community which are at the heart of the Woodstock Art Gallery. The subtle gradient alludes to symbolic letterforms, which are a nod to the WAG acronym. A bold, yet friendly font was chosen for the wordmark, echoing the geometry of the shapes. The colours blue, yellow and red are the primary colours from which all others are mixed — a fundamental art principle.

Certo Creative
Toronto, ON

Certo Creative is a boutique design agency that has been working with respected brands, both big and small, since 2013. Most notably, the agency has had a long-standing partnership with the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) to develop a theme, logo and marketing materials for the annual AGO Massive fundraising event. The Certo Creative team includes Sarah Roberto, Emily Bekolay and Yazmin Adam.


Logo with three hearts joined to form a W above Woodstock Art Gallery in all caps text

About the Design

Whether we create, appreciate or collect art, we are driven by an emotional connection that speaks to the art lover in each of us. Since the heart plays a particularly iconic emotional role, three have been used to create the shape of a W. The combination conveys community and connection, while the fluidity of the hearts speaks to openness, flexibility and adaptability. The mix of warm and cool tones in the mustard yellow and dark teal creates an unexpected colour palette. A wide, sans-serif font complements the width of the symbol.

Nicole Vallée, RGD — Domino Creative
Ottawa, ON

Nicole Vallée has worked in the graphic design industry for more than 25 years, and has managed and served as creative director for Domino Creative for the past nine years. She has worked with variety of clients in the arts and culture sector, including the Ottawa Art Gallery and Fogo Clay Studio, and has additionally designed books and exhibition brochures for Canadian artists such as Russell Yuristy, Jennifer Dickson and Michèle Provost.


Logo with green interlaced Ws forming a wreath next to Woodstock Art Gallery in all caps text

About the Design

Using the letter W, a circle or wreath shape has been created from the interlaced letter forms. The shape and interconnected letters symbolize the Woodstock community that the Woodstock Art Gallery enriches, serves and inspires. The connected letters also symbolize the many offerings of the Gallery woven together: exhibitions, education, special events and virtual resources. The shape additionally resembled the iris of an eye, which is an important aspect of participation in the visual arts. The colour green represents growth and change, inclusivity, action, and the agricultural roots of Woodstock.

Andrea deBoer — Design Pixie
Innerkip, ON

Andrea deBoer is a graphic designer with 20 years of professional design experience in the areas of advertising, marketing and publishing. She began her freelance graphic design company, Design Pixie, in 2015 and has worked with entrepreneurs, businesses, not-for-profit organizations and advertising agencies throughout Oxford County and beyond.

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