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Public Art in Woodstock

Public art holds the power to tell our stories, celebrate our history, commemorate important events, provide unique attractions for citizens and visitors, as well as create spaces for engagement and the fostering of civic pride.

In 2017 the City of Woodstock introduced a Public Art Policy outlining the process and procedure for the selection, installation and maintenance of public art in/on municipally owned public space.

As part of the Cultural Services Department, the Woodstock Art Gallery plays a critical role in fostering the City’s public art collection.

Public Art Application Guide

The Woodstock Art Gallery has developed a guide to help artists understand the process of applying for a public art opportunity in the City of Woodstock.

The guide covers topics including calls to artists, the selection committee and process, budget, taxes, design development, materials and fabrication, subcontracting, permits, insurances, maintenance and conservation, etc.

Public Art Application Guide

Public Art Projects

 Bruce Flowers Sculpture Garden Commission

About the Project

Artist and educator (Robert) Bruce Flowers passed away on September 10, 2018, and left the residual of his estate to the Woodstock Art Gallery with the provision that the funds be used “for the purpose of establishing an outside figurative sculpture garden.”

On August 12, 2021, Woodstock City Council approved the renaming of the west side of Vansittart Park (at Ingersoll Ave) to Florence Carlyle Park, with a portion of the park designated as the Bruce Flowers Sculpture Garden.

On September 12, 2021, the Woodstock Art Gallery launched the City of Woodstock’s first public art commission with a call for qualifications. The shortlisted artists from this call were David Bobier, Nicholas Crombach, Simon Frank and Patrick Thibert.

Nicholas Crombach’s proposal, Wind Vane, was selected by the public art committee following a review by city staff and consultation with the community. The sculpture will be installed in the Bruce Flowers Sculpture Garden in 2023. 

Nicholas Crombach

Nicholas Crombach is an artist currently working in Kingston, ON. Nicholas has been awarded the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award and is the recipient of grants from the Toronto Arts Council, The Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts. From 2016–2017 Nicholas participated in a year-long residency at The Florence Trust (London, UK) and has been invited to take part in a MASS MoCA residency (summer 2022) in Massachusetts.

Proposed Sculpture: Wind Vane

"My intent for the Bruce Flowers Sculpture Garden commission is to connect park visitors with local history and heritage, through the use of dramatic and familiar imagery, as well as to prompt them to reflect on our past, present and future relationship to technology and the environment. The proposed sculpture entitled Wind Vane, takes the form of a large arch with a youth perched on top, engaged in the difficult task of positioning a weathervane. The sculpture makes direct reference to Woodstock's rich agricultural heritage, and affirms our fundamental dependence on the earth and its systems — from the weather and soil, to the plants and organisms, to the farmers who work the land and the larger community sustained by them."

Rendering of a bronze sculpture arch topped with a little boy holding a weather vain in a park

Nicholas Crombach, Wind Vane, 2022
 Woodstock Art Cycle

About the Project

Woodstock Art Cycle consists of an open call to citizens of Woodstock to submit a design for a bike rack.

Five new bike racks will be installed at ten locations throughout the City of Woodstock.

A jury comprised of community members, artists and cycling enthusiasts has reviewed the submitted designs and selected a shortlist, which is presented to the public for feedback through an online survey. The final bike rack designs will be fabricated by Maglin Site Furniture and installed in summer 2023.

Winning designs will be awarded $1,000 or a classroom tour and education program.

Funded by Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario 

Public Feedback

The online survey is now closed. Thank you for your feedback.


Bike rack design with a bike wheel, frog and bird“My inspiration came from walking and biking the trails in Woodstock. We are not separate from our environment. There is so much that can be learned and felt if we could just slow down and notice. I think bringing art outdoors encourages taking that time to stop and look. Whether it's a frog hopping across your path, a blue heron fishing for breakfast or a friendly smile from a stranger. It's a way of teaching future generations that beauty can be found in unexpected places.”


Bike rack design with a dairy cow and the word Woodstock“Is there anything more representative of Woodstock than the Dairy Cow? This cow looks super friendly — just like all Woodstonians!”


Bike rack design with the silhouette of a building and the words Woodstock Museum"This museum is such an iconic building in Woodstock. This bike rack could be installed near the museum to encourage people to visit.”


Bike rack design with a tree. The branches and leaves of the tree are made of bicycles.“At home we have 3 bicycles, we love cycling around Woodstock, exploring the trails and the breathtaking trees we find along the way.”


Bike rack design with an open book and the silhouettes of dancers, music notes, athletes, a paint brush, music notes and a cow with the word Woodstock underneath “I wanted to incorporate numerous cultural elements within Woodstock… Library, Theatre, Art, Music, Dance, Sports, Casino and Cowapolooza. Incorporating them all into one cohesive unity. It is our culture as a whole that makes Woodstock a special place.”


Bike rack design with a rainbow swirl “I am submitting this design for a number of reasons. Firstly, the shape is a tornado, representing the tornado of 1979. Then, the colours are inclusive, using the colours of 2SLGBTQ+. Finally the circle shape represents the symbolism of bringing people together.”


Bike rack design with a dairy cow wearing sunglasses. The cow has a tag on it's ear that reads "I love Woodstock"“Having grown up in Woodstock, when I think of the city I am reminded of it being the Dairy Capital. From the annual Dairy Capital Run to the statue of the Snow Countess, a cow was the first thing to come to mind when trying to represent our city. I added a cool spin-off to our ‘mascot,’ by adding the shades and the fun ear tag!”

Florence Carlyle Sculpture Commission

About the Project

May 2, 2023, marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Woodstock artist Florence Carlyle. The intent of this project is to create a public artwork to recognize Carlyle's importance not only to Woodstock but to the development of Canadian art. Additionally, this public artwork is a modest means to address the glaring lack of representation of diversity in the City of Woodstock and to promote the inclusion of the local 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada.

Government of Canada wordmark

Call for Expressions of Interest and Qualifications

The Woodstock Art Gallery invites artists residing in Ontario to submit expressions of interest and qualifications to create a permanent public artwork in honour of Florence Carlyle for the Bruce Flowers Sculpture Garden in the newly named Florence Carlyle Park, located in the City of Woodstock.

Submissions are due September 6, 2023, at 1 p.m. ET. Please see the call to artists below for the project overview, timeline and application forms. Additional resources including a site plan, technical guidelines and a brochure on Florence Carlyle are also provided.

Note: An artwork proposal is not requested at this time.  

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