WAG New Impressions 2021 Skylar, "Sacred Mountain Lavender"

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Watercolour landscape painting of a field of lavendar with mountains in the distance 

Sacred Mountain Lavender, 2021
27.94 x 27.31 cm

Sacred Mountain Lavender is a personal exploration of the watercolour medium. Inspired by a tranquil farm in British Columbia, the lavender flowers rest in rolling hills of greenery, framed by the distant mountains and dream-like clouds. Embracing the unexpected flow of water on the paper achieved a united composition. Experimentation with different techniques uncovered a brand new world of texture for me. There are additions of salt for contrasting speckles in darker pigmentation and cling wrap to lift colours from the page in cloudy shapes. Combined with plentiful colour mixing for varied intensities, dimension was built in layers. 



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