WAG New Impressions 2021 Liana, "Twenty-Twenty: A Year Passed, But Never Forgotten"

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Pencil drawing of a woman with long hair wearing a mask surrounded by images including an owl, three butterflies, mushrooms, cacti, mountains, sun and moon 

Twenty-Twenty: A Year Passed, But Never Forgotten, 2021
Coloured pencil and graphite on Bristol paper
55.88 x 43.18 cm

This piece represents how 2020 and the pandemic has affected me and my life. The various themes of green and the toad represent rebirth. The barn owl represents the death and destruction brought on by the pandemic. The hourglass represents lost time, time that was wasted while I was stuck at home, experiences I lost, and continue to lose, because of the pandemic. The three butterflies symbolize my two best friends, who helped me get through 2020 with a smile, and myself. It shows how we've become closer, growing as people, despite the struggles of the pandemic. 



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