WAG New Impressions 2021 Laena, "Frostbite"

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Watercolour portrait of a man with dark hair, rosy cheeks and a red scarf 

Frostbite, 2020
Watercolour on paper
27.94 x 20.32 cm

Watercolour techniques used in this painting include wet-on-wet, flat wash, underpainting, and layering. Wet-on-wet technique textures are visible in the black coat and throughout the pink under coat. A flat wash of colour is present in the black hair and red scarf, before the thin black lining was added. This was used to provide an intricate texture to the scarf between the face and coat. Layering was a big part of creating depth and shadow in the portrait. To tie in the pink coat and red-toned scarf, I added a heavy blush to the man's face to create a life filled appearance; as if he was in cold weather.



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