WAG New Impressions 2021 Katherine, "Hyacinth"

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Pencil drawing of two hands hold purple hyacinths over a pool of water 

Hyacinth, 2021
Graphite and coloured pencils on paper
30.50 x 23.00 cm

My work explores the weight of an apology. The purple hyacinth represents the words, “I’m sorry.” Thus the flower is at the centre of attention, the symbolism that pops out with colour. The hands holding the hyacinth give way to the overall message: how holding in something can cause you to bleed out, to cause a ripple of damage emotionally and mentally. That ripple is shown through the water drops.

I like creating, especially nowadays, because it both distracts me from everyday grievances and allows me the opportunity to be inspired by those whose skills exceed mine, to move forth. 



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