WAG New Impressions 2 Renee, "The window to the soul"

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acrylic painting of a pixelated green eye


The window to the soul, 2022
acrylic paint on grid card stock
65.00 x 65.00 cm

This piece is a sort of self-portrait for me. The subject is an eye that I based off of my own. I used an experimental style that’s become one of my favorites, despite the fact that it's extremely tedious. This piece is meant to encourage viewers to not just see themselves but those around them, especially during these tough times when all people want is to be seen and heard. People say that “eyes are the windows to the soul,” which is why I chose to name this piece The window to the soul, as it's meant to be a self-representation for me, and hopefully encourages others to open their eyes and really see the people around them.



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