WAG New Impressions 2 Malena, "Source"

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oil painting of an outstretched arm holding an anatomical heart


Source, 2022
oil paint on canvas
40.64 x 50.80, 30.99 x 31.75 cm

During the pandemic, my health declined from the stress of it all. This severely damaged my immune system and my overall health. The hand is seen clutching a heart, with red cascading onto the hand and arm. The red symbolizes my fear and shame towards the nutrients I had been trying to give my body, because every time I would try and eat I would get horrible pains throughout my body. As the red is being absorbed, there is Frida Khalo imagery, an artist I connect with deeply. Her art aided my journey through the pandemic. The broken column in the forearm, and her nails in the upper arm symbolizes the pain I know would eventually come but dreaded. This art symbolizes the emotional toils eating had on me.



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