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Facility Rentals

The Woodstock Art Gallery can accommodate events of all shapes and sizes. Small meeting size rooms to larger spaces that can be used for a variety of events.

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Facility Rental Fees

Rooms and Layouts

3rd Floor Printshop Studio

The Printshop Studio has been used for a variety of events. It can be set up for mixers, birthday parties, lectures and meal settings. A feature of the 3rd floor is that the room has lots of natural light and a view of the Museum Square.

2nd Floor Community Gallery

The Community Gallery is great for smaller more intimate events, where you can be surrounded by artworks. This space has been used for yoga, break out sessions, and cozy dinners. This space will have specific times of the year when it is unavailable due to blackout periods for exhibition change-overs. 


How do I reserve the facility?

You can call, email or stop into the Woodstock Art Gallery during regular business hours to determine availability and set up a meeting with the Communications/Facility Rentals Coordinator.

How do I pay for my reservation?

We accept credit (Visa or MasterCard), debit, cash or cheque (made payable to The City of Woodstock).

Is insurance required for a rental?

The Corporation of the City of Woodstock requires liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000.00 for all faclilty rentals at the Woodstock Art Gallery. If you do not have this then insurance can be purchased through the Woodstock Art Gallery. Cost of insurance is based on size and type of event, more details can be given from the Communications/Facility Rentals Coordinator.

When do I need to have my details finalized?

All details and additions must be finalized with the Communications/Facility Rentals Coordinator seven (7) days prior to your event with rental payment, these details include:

  • Any additional items, services or changes in anticipated attendance
  • List of contacts: DJ, caterer, photographer, etc.
  • Required permits: Special Occasion Permit is required five (5) days prior to event
  • Rental times

Do I need to book rental time for set up and tear down?

All reservations must be booked to include the time that you’ll need to set up and the time you will need to clean afterwards. Set up/takedown extending beyond the agreement may result in additional fees to permit holder following the facility rental.

Can I have decorations at my event?

We allow decorations, providing anything on the walls or windows are hung with non-marking tape. Most light tapes (i.e. painters tape and command strips) work fine. Balloons are permitted as long as they are popped and disposed of during the cleaning time. Helium balloons are permitted on site but must be removed at the close of the rental.

  • Here are a few things we do NOT allow:
    • Confetti/glitter and or rice
    • Staples, thumbtacks, hot glue, screws, duct tape or nails
    • NOTHING is to be hung from pipes, life safety system, lighting, or electrical wires

Can I have a DJ or live band?

Yes, music is allowed if it does not conflict with the Gallery's regular programming.

How do I know what my price will be?

Pricing is based on the type of event (non-profit, private or for-profit/corporate events), the duration of the event, and the items that will be required.

Can I use outside vendors?

Yes. We do not have a preferred vendor list; however, if you need recommendations we are more than happy to pass along companies we’ve previously worked with.

My Caterer/DJ/Rental Company needs access to the building before my entry time. Can you let them in early?

This will be negotiated during the contract, as it is based on staffing availability and time limitations.

Do I have access to a kitchen?

Yes, every facility rental has access to the kitchen, which is equipped with a fridge, microwave and oven. The kitchen must be cleaned and cleared of all food that has resulted from the event.

If my event is outside of regular gallery hours, can my guest still enjoy the exhibitions?

This would be negotiated on each rental, if approved, all gallery etiquette must be followed.

How long do I have to modify my rental details?

Rental times need to be finalized no later than seven (7) days prior to your event. Any changes to be made after that time frame are subject to staff availability and are not guaranteed. Adding or removing rental items can be done up until five (5) days prior to the event.

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