WAG Dance Me to the End of Love "Warrior's Lament"

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Abstract orange human figure holding a teal hand drum and beater

Abraham Anghik Ruben, Canadian, b. 1951
Warrior's Lament 
Serigraph on paper
55.24 x 75.56 cm
Gift of Mr. Levitt, 1991, Woodstock Art Gallery Permanent Collection

"Abraham Anghik, an [Inuk], has received numerous accolades for his work in exhibitions at the Arctic Art Gallery in Edmonton, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Pollock Gallery in Toronto. Best known for his carvings in soapstone, steatite, and wood, depicting the spirits of Shamanic culture, Anghik's drawings and totems have also attracted much attention. His work is a bridging of cultures of which he says, "The individual images are Eskimo, some of the totemic designs are Indian. I have chosen to believe they are all growing from the same root, so I don't much care if the academics shake their heads at the crossing of cultures.”

— A Tribute to the ROM



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