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Walking trail through the forest

For any trail concerns please contact the Parks Department at (519) 539-2382 ext 4101.

Youth Start Trail
Youth Start Trail is a 1.4km loop and may not be quite as challenging as some of the other trails in the city, but it's unique views and features make it well worth visiting. The trail begins by crossing over Cedar Creek, before making a short loop through the forest and back to the yellow bridge. The trail entrance is located on Dundas St. West (Hwy 2) across from the Charlie Tatham Peace Park.
Woodstock Trail (Hickson Trail)

The Hickson Trail follows an old railway bed from Woodstock to Hickson, through the beautiful Oxford County woodland. This trail is not a loop and is 10km in one direction, one entrance is located in Woodstock on Frederick St. and the other entrance is located in Hickson on Loveys St. E

Burgess Park Trail System

Burgess Park trail system consists of the River Trail, the Meadow Trail, and the Burgess Homestead Trail. Each trail is connected so you can make it a possible 3km loop or a 10km hike depending on the route you choose to take. The River Trail entrance is located on Tecumseh St., and is approx. a 3km loop. The Meadow Trail entrance is located on the 11th Line, and is approx. a 2km loop. The Burgess Homestead Trail entrance is either off of the River Trail or the Meadow Trail, and is approx. 1.75km long. There are many connecting trails as well which will increase the length of each trail as you travel from one to another.

Brick Ponds Wetland
Brick Ponds Trail
Brick Ponds Trail is an easy 0.33km walk that ends at a trail lookout where you can see the beauty of this historic wetland. This 79-acre wetland is the largest urban wetland in Canada. It was created due to a brickyard opening on Beards's Lane, which supplied bricks to the City of Woodstock in the 1850's and 1860's. Many of the red bricks that were extracted from this land can be still be seen today, including Old St. Paul's Church. When the brick yard closed, storm water from northeast Woodstock was diverted to fill in the depression caused by extracting the clay. Water-loving plants and animals moved in and the result is the beautiful and significant wetland on the northeast edge of the City.
Pittock Dam
Roth Trail - Pittock Conservation Area

Roth Trail is located in the Pittock Conservation Area which is owned and operated by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA). This trail is approx. 12km long but can be made shorter depending on the loops and turns you choose to take. You will be able to view the Pittock Reservoir during many parts of this trail. There are many entrances to this trail including Tecumseh St. and Oxford Rd 4.

Fall trail
Herbert Milnes Park Woodlot
This 56.85 acres of woodlot holds the Herbert Milnes Trail within and is perfect for surrounding yourself in nature. This trail is a 1.1 kilometer lightly trafficked loop located at 545160 Pattullo Ave that offers the chance to see wildlife and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and running. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.
Lions Trail
Lions Trail

The Lions Trail is approx. 2.5km long. This trail has two entrance/exit points, one located on Dundas St. W (Hwy 2) or on Bexley Street. This trail has beautiful scenery of the Thames River, forests and marshland. If you are lucky you will be able to see many different types of wildlife in the area.

Sliver Trail
Sliver Trail
Sliver Trail is one of the City's newest trails. It is approx. 5.25km long but has many different path choices to make your walk longer or shorter. The entrance is located on Pittock Park Rd. near the Pittock North Shore entrance. Enjoy the views of the newly constructed wetland habitat as well as being surrounded by trees and hopefully spotting some nature.

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