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Sports Fields

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The City of Woodstock has a variety of sport fields available for use, including ball diamonds, soccer fields, beach volleyball courts, cricket pitches, and a multi-use sports field (including football). All parks and sports fields open May 1st. The courts are first come, first served so we ask that people be considerate of others waiting to use the courts. If freezing weather is forecasted the courts will be closed. 

Ball Diamonds

We have 21 ball diamonds divided into three different classes: A, B, and C. Class A ball diamonds include a home run fence, lighting and clay infield. May or may not have irrigation. Class B ball diamonds include a home run fence. No irrigation, and may or may not have lighting. Class C ball diamonds are an undersized field, does not include a home run fence, irrigation, or lighting.

Soccer Fields

We have 33 soccer fields divided into three different classes: A, B, and C. Class A soccer fields are a full field that includes lighting, irrigation and nets. Class B soccer fields are a full soccer field with nets but without lighting. May or may not have irrigation. Class C soccer fields are an undersized soccer field without lighting, irrigation or nets.

Cricket Pitches

We have two cricket pitches that are Class B cricket pitches which may or may not have irrigation and are with or without netting and without lighting.

Multi-Use Sport Fields

We have one multi-use sport field that is a Class A multi-use sport field, which is a premier sports field that includes football goal posts, irrigation, lighting and bleachers. The field is available for multi-sport use. 

Beach Volleyball Courts

We have one beach volleyball court that is a Class B volleyball court, which has a net and fencing but no lighting.

Tennis Courts

We have six full tennis courts that are Hard Surface Tennis Courts, which have a gate entrance.

Basketball Courts

We have six basketball courts, four are full courts and two are half courts.

Pickleball Courts

We have three Hard Surface Pickleball Courts that are partially surrounded by fencing.

Indoor Field and Gymnasium

Cowan Park Sportsplex has an indoor artificial turf and gymnasium.

Recreation Space Allocation Policy

To maximize the use of our facilities and ensure that users have equitableage appropriate availability, the City has a Recreation Space Allocation Policy. The Policy serves as a guide for the recreation space allocation process and clarifies the City's responsibility for recreation space allocation and facility administration.

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