Museum Schools Grades 9 - 12

Grades 9 – 12

Most school programs are offered from September to June and are 90 minutes in length. The cost is $6 per student (minimum $100 per program).

To book a school program please contact the Education Officer or submit a school programming request form.

School Programming Request Form

 Grade 10/11 (CHV2O or CPC3O): Make Your Vote Count

Be mayor for a day! Tour the original town hall, then visit the new city hall and hold a mock council meeting in the council chambers. Your class chooses a current issue to debate and elects the council and mayors before your visit. Delegates will research, explore and present two sides of an issue. This program helps students to explore the political decision-making process, as well what it means to be a participating and informed citizen in a local context.

Ontario Curriculum Links

Explain the causes of civic conflict and how decision-making processes and structures can avert or respond to such conflicts;

Explain the roles played by elected representatives, interest groups, and the media in the political process;

Describe fundamental beliefs and values associated with democratic citizenship;

Describe how their own and other's beliefs and values can be connected to a sense of civic purpose and preferred types of participation;

Demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which individual citizens can obtain information and explanations or voice opinions about important civic matters.

Identify opportunities for citizens to participate in government and non-governmental political decision making at the community, municipal, provincial, federal and international levels;

Identify the key stages in resolving conflict;

Compare the roles in the Canadian decision-making process of the following: prime minister, premiers, cabinet ministers, MPs, MPPs and MLAs, senators, mayors, and councillors;

Express ideas, understandings, arguments, and conclusions, as appropriate for different audiences and purposes, using a variety of styles and forms.

Special Comments

Pre-program preparation is required.

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