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Please Note: Most School Programs are offered from September to June and are 90 mins in length. The cost is $5 per student. 

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At Work and Play in The Old Town Hall - Grade One

Come visit Woodstock's first fire hall, market place, police lock-up, council chambers, ballroom, theater and auditorium! Children will set up their own stalls in our farmers market and sell and barter market goods with their classmates! Then on to the Town Council Chambers and have a mini council meeting to experience what it was like to be a mayor, a newspaper reporter or a councilor. Finally, up to the Grand Hall to have a Victorian era dance complete with period music and dance cards. In this one unique building, students can discover how the timeless social and physical needs of Woodstock's first settlers were met by a number of different people.

Simply Mechanical - Grade Two

Our Simple Machines make work seem like play! Simply Mechanical, uses experimentation and interaction with artifacts from our museum education collection to give the children a hands-on historical experience while introducing them to the mechanical advantage of the wedge, lever, pulley, wheel, screw and inclined plane. Children will tinker with and tryout some of the fascinating implements that made life easier for the first settlers of Oxford County.


When Settlers Came To Woodstock - Grade Three

This exciting program provides children with a hands-on opportunity to experience settler life in early Woodstock. Travel across the ocean with us as we arrive in Woodstock in 1800. Try out pioneer tools, plant a heritage seed, compete in a spelling bee, dress-up in our pioneer children's clothing and try your hand at spring cleaning. See how Woodstock has changed over the centuries!

Special Comments:

Our 'Spring Cleaning' segment can only be done in warm months, outside.

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