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The History of Woodstock

The Woodstock Museum's newly refreshed and reimagined 1200 sq./f gallery space features over 400 artifacts, 125 Images, and an overview of Woodstock's history. Explore Woodstock's rich history through artifacts, photos and stories as you move through the space. Click the photo below to view the virtual walkthrough!

Woodstock History Gallery

Council Chambers

Prior to changing locations, Woodstock's city hall was located in the present day site of the Woodstock Museum NHS. City council met on the first floor in the council chambers. In 1980, the entire old city hall was refurbished back to its original state. The council chambers look the same way it did when the building was built in 1879. Click the photo below to view the virtual walkthrough!

Council Chambers


Barber Shop Display

Les McKerral owned several prominent barber shops in Woodstock throughout his lengthy career. His third and final barbershop was once considered one of the foremost barber shops in Western Ontario. This micro-exhibit features one of the chairs from the barbershop, complete with tools, awards that belonged to Les and accessories. It is just like a walk into the past.

Shifting Landmarks

The Woodstock Shifting Landmarks micro-exhibit celebrates organizations, businesses, events, places and buildings that are unique to the community. Landmarks can be altered in appearance and location depending on the changes that occur within the surrounding community. The City of Woodstock has changed rapidly since it was settled as a village in 1851. The amount of landmarks within the city has grown as our boundaries have expanded. This exhibit is based on photographs taken by Woodstock Museum NHS and the Museum's historical photographic collection.

Great Murder Trial Case

The Great Murder Trial took place in the Museum's Grand Hall and was considered the greatest murder trial of the 1890s. This micro-exhibit tells the complete story of the case and features artifacts from the trial.

Woodstock Firefighting Display

This micro-exhibit is built around a 1920 Hand Drawn Fire Cart that was used at Oxford Regional Centre. The exhibit also contains other early firefighting equipment used in Woodstock, as well as a collection of fire safety posters.

James Stewart Manufacturing Company Display

This micro-exhibit features a collection of James Stewart Manufacturing Company stoves, famous for their Good Cheer line of products.

James Stewart Manufacturing Company Display

Captured Under Glass

In the early years of photography, making an image was painstaking work. One of the earliest photographic processes was to capture a negative image through a camera on a chemical treated glass plate, which in turn was used to develop a paper positive print. This micro-exhibit features reproductions of glass plate photographs from Woodstock's history.

Captured Under Glass


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