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Parks and Trails

In Woodstock, we have over 350 hectares of parks and trails in our City, including:

If you're looking for a scenic walk through the bush, a playground to take the kids or a place to run your dog, there's a spot for you.

You can also Reserve A Park Area in our regional park for picnics, weddings and other events.

City Trails

There are over 30 kilometres of trails developed by the City of Woodstock, Woodstock Rotary Club, Woodstock Lions Club and Youth Start. The trail follows the banks of the Thames River, through mixed hardwood and softwood forests, marshland and some retired agricultural areas. Woodstock Trails offer parking, outdoor toilets, benches, walking, cycling, cross-country skiing, leashed dog walking, snow shoeing (No Motorized Vehicles permitted).

Trails in Woodstock

Woodstock Trails - Prohibited Activities

  • Entering or remaining between dusk to dawn
  • Operating a motorized vehicle (with the exception of wheelchairs or similar devices)
  • Riding a horse
  • Leaving the path
  • Leading a dog on a leash greater than 2 meters, or permitting a dog to run at large. Causing or permitting an animal under their ownership or control to enter into or foul in any of the waters of any river or pond. Failure to remove and dispose of dog excrement from trails
  • Starting or maintaining a fire for any purpose
  • Removing, breaking, defacing or otherwise damaging property
  • Cutting or removing any plants, aquatic vegetation, wood, grass, soil, rock or gravel
  • Depositing, dumping or leaving waste and/or refuse of any kind
  • Disturbing, wounding, killing or injuring and vertebrate or invertebrate animal
  • Carrying or discharging a firearm or bow
  • Swimming in, bathing in, polluting in any way the water of any pond, stream or river
  • Camping, setting up a tent, parking a trailer, or holding a picnic, unless the area is specifically designated for such a purpose
  • Carrying out any scientific investigation or study (without written authorization from the Director of Parks and Recreation)

Rotary Trail: 5.9 km

Directions: North on Hwy 59. Immediately after crossing the bridge over the tracks and Thames River, turn left on to Tecumseh St. The trail entrance is on the right.The River trail is temporarily closed due to construction.

Lions Trail: 1.72 km

Standard Tube Park

Directions: Take Hwy 2 (Dundas St.) to the west end of Woodstock. Trail entrance is on the north side of Hwy 2, 200 metres west of the railway bridge. Another entrance is at Bexley and Hunter streets, at the railway overpass.

Youth Start Trail: 1.40km

Directions: Take Hwy 2 (Dundas St.) to the west end of Woodstock. Trail entrance is on the south side of Hwy 2, 60 metres east of the railway bridge.

Hickson Trail: 5.5 km

Directions: Parking on Fredrick St. and side road parking on County Rd. 17.

South Shore Trail: 6.75 km

Roth Park - Owned and operated by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (519) 539-5088 ext. 21

Directions: South side of Pittock Lake; take Huron St. N. to the end, turn right and drive to the parking lot.

Read the Oxford Trail Guide for maps and details about all of our trails.

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