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Programs run 8:30am - 4:30pm and are $38 per day for Non-Members and $28 per day for Members. We can NOT hold places over the phone. Payment is due at time of registration. Places are limited and usually sell out quickly.

Children need to bring their lunch and indoor shoes.

Supervision ratio is 1:8 children. Each session will include visitors, games, activities and crafts that are appropriate to the theme of the day. Still have questions? Give us a call and we'll gladly answer them. Woodstock Museum's Education Dept, 537-8411 ex. 2903 or Email: Education Officer

Registration starts Aug 28th. Register early to avoid disappointment!

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List  of Available PA Day for 2017, Ages 5-12

Trendy Toys PA Day: Friday, Sept 29    

Are you obsessed with fidget spinners? Can't get enough of Shopkins or Hatchimals? We'll see why these toys are popular and play with fun trendy toys of the past. Heard of pogo sticks or cabbage patch kids? Try historic games that are still fun 100+ years later. Enjoy crafts and outdoor games too. 

Stuck On You PA Day: Fri, Oct 27            

Did you invent post its? Love a little glitter glue? See what's so fun about the history of all things sticky today as we explore ways things stick to one another. Make a duct tape wallet or purse and try magnets, sticky hand toys and super fun suction cup toys!

Woodland Critters PA Day: Fri, Nov 17    

Learn about forest animals in this fun and crafty day! Explore the habitat and life of deer, fox, raccoon, and owls among others. Play forest themed games, go outside and make your own woodland critter ornament to take home. Register in advance. 

List  of Available PA Day for 2018, Ages 5-12

Take Shape PA Day: Fri, Jan 19  

Mold, sculpt and create fun and interesting shapes today as we investigate the history of making shapes of clay, food and many more exciting moldable materials.  Learn about historic stone sculptors, where Jello molds got their start and what county created the first square watermelon! 

Magnetic PA Day: Fri, Apr 27

Learn about magnets and their uses. Try out some fun activities and see what different materials are magnetic. Explore the origin story of magnets, how magnetic fields work, play funny attraction & repulsion games, & make a unique magnetic craft.

Vote For Me PA Day: Fri, Jun 8              

Pretend you are a City Councilor or the Mayor of Woodstock today by running your own campaign! Have fun getting people to vote for you in the mock election and count the ballots with your friends. Visit the historic and the current Council Chambers to sit in the Mayor's chair!

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