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Outdoor Ice Rinks and Tobogganing

Outdoor Ice Rinks  

The City of Woodstock has several outdoor ice rinks that are organized by volunteers through the Parks Department.  If you are interested in volunteering and this is your first time volunteering for an outdoor ice rink, please click the link below to complete the Volunteer Outdoor Ice Rink Application Form.  If you are a returning outdoor ice rink volunteer, please click the email link at the bottom of this page to email the Parks & Recreation Department with your request.  A reminder to residents that there is a real danger of falling through the ice on storm retention ponds due to the changing water levels.  Use of these ponds are prohibited including the open bodies of water at the Complex Grounds, Southside Park, & Brick Ponds.

Volunteer Outdoor Ice Rink Application Form - (First Time Applicants Only)

Returning Volunteer Outdoor Rink Application Form

Outdoor Ice Rink Guidelines

  • Rinks will be open from dawn to dusk
  • Rinks with lighting will be open from dawn to 11pm daily
  • Use of helmets is strongly recommended
  • Children should be supervised
  • Children under 12 years of age should use a CSA approved hockey helmet
  • No offensive language and/or offensive behaviour
  • Use of sport sticks is allowed (hockey, ringette, etc.)
  • It is strongly recommended that sticks, pucks and balls remain in contact with the ice surface
  • Alcohol is prohibited
  • Smoking is prohibited

Rink Locations

  • Broadview Park - located at 277 St. Andrews Road / (Lights) dawn to 11pm daily
  • Hunting Estates Park - located at 1103 Pearson Drive / dawn to dusk
  • Donald Thompson Park - located at 647 Springbank Ave. N. / (Lights) dawn to 11pm daily
  • Park Row Park - located at 176 Park Row / (Lights) dawn to 11pm daily
  • Northland Park - located 69 Northland Cres. / dawn to dusk
  • Ludington Park - located 945 Springbank Ave. / (Lights) dawn to 11pm daily
  • Shanna Larsen Park - Located 48 Upper Thames Dr. / (Lights) dawn to 11pm daily

Toboggan Hill

The City of Woodstock has one toboggan hill located in Southside Park (485 Parkinson Road) directly behind Southside Aquatic Centre. Skiing or snowboarding is prohibited. Parking is available.

Toboggan Hill Guidelines

  • No skiing or snowboarding
  • Do not use hill when closed
  • Ensure hill is free of hazards - e.g. Rocks, sticks, bumps, ice covered areas
  • Area open from dawn until 11:00pm when lit
  • Children must have adult supervision, never toboggan alone
  • Ski helmets are recommended to prevent head injuries
  • Tuck in scarves, strings and long hats that can catch and cause strangulation
  • Toboggan facing downhill while kneeling or feet first while sitting
  • Use only proper sliding equipment with good brakes and steering
  • Do not use inner tubes and plastic disks
  • Clear the bottom of the slope to avoid collision
  • Walk back up the side of the hill to avoid collision
  • No horseplay
  • No motorized vehicles
  • No alcohol
  • No pets on play area
  • No smoking within 20 meters of play area
  • No glass bottles or littering

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