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“A fully functional multiracial society cannot be achieved without a sense of history and open, honest dialogue.” — Cornel West

LeVerne, Charlotte, and Thomas Gerorge Marshall
LeVerne, Charlotte and Thomas George Marshall, 1945C

The Marshall family was a hardworking middle class family. They held long-lasting positions in manufacturing, owned houses, attended local schools, associated with the Oxford Rifles and were vital members of their community through such avenues as music.

LeRoy Marshall in the Woodstock Legion
LeRoy Marshall in the Woodstock Legion, 1956C

Often when looking at Black history we can be overwhelmed by the atrocities or focus too much on personal perceptions. The Marshall family history proves to be dynamic, demonstrating strong bonds to the community and great charisma. Here we celebrate this family’s legacy using their collection of family photographs.

LeRoy Marshall and Friends during WWII
LeRoy Marshall and Friends during WWII, 1943C

The photographs originally belonged to Thomas LeRoy Marshall. Roy, as he was known by his friends and family, was the last remaining member of the family to live here in Woodstock. He passed away at Caressant Care on February 21, 1999. Those who knew him described him as kind, pleasant to talk to and extremely talented.

LeVerne, Thomas Gerorge, Charlotte and LeRoy Marshall
Thomas George, Charlotte with LeRoy Marshall, 1925C and LeVerne Marshall with Dog, 1917C

Photography is often thought of as being one-dimensional, displaying an object, person or event in full accuracy. These photographs have given a visual gateway into the everyday life of a family. These pictures have given us the basic information to learn and understand more.

LeVerne Marshall on the Thames River Woodstock
LeVerne Marshall on the Thames River Woodstock, 1923

As is a pitfall with any collection based on photographic images, many names and dates have been found by various methods of deduction. The story has been compiled primarily through pictures, backed up by official documents and first-hand accounts. 

Membership Card
Central Ontario Musicians' Association Membership Card Belonging to Thomas LeRoy Marshall
Membership Card Oxford Rifles
Oxford Rifles Membership Card Belonging to Thomas LeRoy Marshall



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