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Central United Church

Location: 32 Riddell Street
Legal Description: Plan 50, Block E, Lots 6, 7, & 8, Part Lots 5 & 9
Date of Construction: 1875
Original Owner: Methodist Church of Canada
Original Use: Methodist Church
Present Owner: Private
Present Use: Apartments
Designation: February 29th, 1988
By-law: 6512-88

Historical Importance: Methodism began in this region with the formation of the Westminster Circuit. Two earlier chapels on Vansittart Avenue and on Graham Street were replaced by Central United Church, which was built in 1875. Central United Church is the mother church of three additional City churches: College Avenue, Dundas Street, and St. David’s.

Central United ChurchCentral United ChurchPhoto Date: 1877 & 1900C

Architectural Importance: Built in the “Gothic Revival” style, it has one dominant and one lesser spire, moderately pointed gables, arched openings and arched windows with enamelled and stained glass. A 1954 addition, though not of original style, blends well with the building. The plan of the church auditorium is “amphitheatrical,” permitting a large audience to be within easy hearing distance of the Minister. Changes to the interior include the lowering of the choir loft from its original higher and recessed position, and the addition of a center aisle leading to the altar.




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