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Location: 94 Graham Street
Legal Description: Lots 9 and 10, East Side of Graham Street and South of Buller Street, Registered Plan 10
Date of Construction: 1906
Original Owner: The Crown
Original Use: Armoury
Present Owner: Private
Present Use: Office Space
Designation: July 13, 1978
By-law: 5432-78

Armouries Photo Date: Feb. 11, 1938

Historical Importance: This building was constructed as the base of the local militia, the 22nd Regiment, better known as the Oxford Rifles. After participating in two World Wars, the Oxford Rifles were disbanded and amalgamated into the RCRs in London but continued to hold residence in the Armouries. In 1971, after being declared surplus by the Department of National Defence, it was transformed into offices for the Oxford County Board of Education. After the Oxford County Board of Education was merged into the Thames Valley District School Board, the space was again converted to be used as office space for various renters.

ArmouriesPhoto Date: 1920 C

Architectural Importance: Built in 1906 by Nagel and Mills of Ingersoll and designed by the Federal Department of Public Works, its design is an example of architecture parlante, which means that it looks like a castle and is therefore a military building. This building’s crenellated towers give it the appearance of heavy fortification, yet this façade fortification is purely symbolic and serves no practical purpose. Some notable interior features were the wrought-iron spiral staircases, bowling alley, and drill square/ballroom.

Armouries Photo Date: 1920 C




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