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Market Centre Theatre

Facility Rentals Rates

Full Facility Rate: $300 for 5 hours, extra hours billed at $40/h + HST

Lounge Rate: $150 for 3 hours, extra hours billed at $35/h + HST

Booking times must include all set-up and takedown time

To book a date or for more information e-mail Museum Clerk or call (519) 537-8411 ext. 2901.

Included in the Full Rental Price

  • Full use of all facilities in building (auditorium, control booth, change rooms, green room, lounge, kitchen, lobby and washrooms)
  • Auditorium seating of 243 fixed seats, plus 6 removable seats = 249 total
  • Kitchen includes: fridge and stove
  • Lounge includes: 50 chairs, 8 tables(6f) and coat racks
  • Use of the marquee outside the theatre
  • Use of hangers for promotional material in lobby
  • Building is air conditioned and wheelchair accessible

Note: Theatre Technical Equipment and Technicians is Extra. All Technical support is provided by "Theatre Woodstock"
. See Theatre Woodstock's rental rates Below.

Included in Lounge Rental Price

  • Kitchen includes: fridge and stove
  • Lounge includes: 50 chairs, 8 tables(6f) and coat racks


Make a tentative booking to secure your chosen date(s). Your date(s) will be held for 10 business days in which time you must sign a contract and leave a deposit. If you do not sign a contract and leave a deposit within the 10 business days, your tentative booking will be cancelled. Your date will now be considered open to all potential renters. No booking will be accepted less than four weeks prior to an event.


The renter must provide a minimum of 4 ushers for each performance or hire them at a rate of $14/hour (minimum call 3 hours). This is to comply with fire safety and emergency evacuation procedure. All ushers must show up 45 minutes before a performance for training.

Catering Your Event

You must book your own caterer. The serving of alcohol must be approved by the Rental Coordinator and stated in the Rental Permit. If you are serving alcohol you must obtain a Special Occasion Permit from the LCBO and comply with the Municipal Alcohol Policy for the City of Woodstock. A copy of the Special Occasion Permit must be submitted to the Rental Coordinator a minimum of one week before the start of the rental.

The Facility


The auditorium is located on the upper level and is perfect for all of your theatrical needs. Stage large or small productions, we can accommodate all sizes. Rehearsals are welcome and can be booked along with your performance. Equipment and technicians can also be rented on a piece-by-piece basis as required. See Theatre Woodstock price list.

Lounge and Kitchen

The lower level of the Market Centre is ideal for a variety of business and casual functions. This area is an excellent location for meetings, mix and mingles receptions, registration, small break-out and study sessions, exhibits and displays. Access to a full kitchen allows you to host your luncheon, banquet or gala reception!

Meeting Capacity

  • Seating for up to 30 in a boardroom style, with tables arranged U-shape
  • Seating for up to 36 in a classroom style, with tables arranged in rows
  • Seating for up to 50 for presentations, with chairs arranged theatre style

Luncheon, Banquet, and Reception Capacity

  • Luncheon: Service buffet style for up to 50
  • Banquet: Tables provided for food service only, dining tables must be rented and are the responsibility of the Permit Holder. Serves up to 50
  • Reception: 100 people using the lounge or 150 using lounge and gallery

Promote Yourself!

Full Facility Rentals can take advantage of our special hangers, hanging panels, and an easel to display promotional materials, posters, artwork etc. in the gallery located just outside the auditorium. Ask us how you can use these to your advantage. Your event can also be posted on our marquee!

Facility Protection Agreement

In order to avoid permanent damage to the facility, decorating must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All decorations and entertainment equipment are subject to the approval of The Market Centre Management. The Municipality shall not be liable for any damage to or loss of property or equipment brought into the facility in conjunction with the function by the Permit Holder or their members, officers, employees, agents, contractors, or any person who attends the function.
  • Displays, floral arrangements, decorations, musical equipment, and so on, must be of a type that will not damage or deface the premises. No nails, tape, glue, or other type of adhesive may be used. Backdrops must be freestanding. You may not hang anything from the Exit signs.
  • No open flames (e.g. candles, oil lamps) are allowed, unless approved in writing by the City of Woodstock Fire Prevention Officer, and must be stabilized, and near a container of water.
  • Items such as decorations, display materials, display units, or any other equipment brought in by the Permit Holder for temporary use, shall be removed by the Permit Holder at the end of the event.
  • When hanging artwork or promotional items approved by The Market Centre Management, you must use the hanger system in the gallery. No other mounting system may be used.
  • Nothing may be taped or affixed onto the papered walls.

Theatre Woodstock Rental & Technical Rates

The Renter must assume responsibility for costs relating to damage of equipment resulting from use, abuse or neglect by non-Theatre Woodstock personnel.


  • Acoustic; Baldwin Upright; Per Use $50.00
Add'l Tuning* $100.00

  • Digital; Roland EP-85; Per Use $50.00

*Additional tuning charges automatically apply if acoustic piano is moved onto stage


  • Standard Plot; Per use* $90.00

  • Follow Spot; Per use (technician extra); $30.00
Cyc Lights (Set of 3); Per use; $60.00
*(show or rehearsal)

Sound System

TW components only; Daily; $45.00


  • Level 1 Technician (Operates sound & house lights only); Per Hour $18.00

  • Level 2 Technician (Required for lighting/gel changes & operation); Per Hour $22.00


  • Risers, Cubes; Per piece; Daily $5.00

  • Scrim*; Each; Per Event $100.00
  • Costumes, set pieces, props; By Quotation

Box Office Rates

Package #1: Full Service

  • up to 249 tickets per show, general or assigned seating
  • access to Interac, Visa, M/C system.2.75% service charge Cheques are not accepted.
  • 3 X 3 hour sales periods in the 7 days prior to first show
  • 1 X 1 hour sales period before each show
  • ticket availability during other scheduled box office hours
  • additional time billed @$18/hour

Single performance: 300.00 + 6% of Gross Ticket Sales
Each additional performance 75.00 + 6% of Gross Ticket Sales

Package #2: Tickets-Only

Includes up to 249 tickets per show, general or assigned seating. Does not include box office staff or facilities. Each Performance $75.00

Parking Information

The Market Centre is located in Downtown Woodstock next to the Museum.

  • 2 Hour Free Street Parking, from 9 am - 6 pm, Mon. - Sat. is available on all streets surrounding the Museum and Market Square and in the Finkle Street Parking Lot located directly south of the Museum.
  • $ 2.00 A Day Parking, from 9 am - 6 pm, Mon. - Sat. is available in the Market Centre Parking Lot located 1 block east of the Museum on the southeast corner of Reeve and Peel Streets.
  • All parking is FREE after 6 pm and all day Sunday.

Contact Us

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Phone: 519-539-1291
Email: General Information

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