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Aqua Fitness

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We offer three aquafit programs to help you stay fit and have fun at a level that's comfortable for you. 

Pre-registration is not required for these drop-in programs, however you can reserve a spot in advance by calling Southside Aquatic Centre at 519-539-2382 x 2701. You can also reserve your space by logging in to our online program registration platform.

Shallow Water Aquafit (starting Sept 5th)

A shallow water fitness workout helps improve stamina, endurance and muscle strength while reducing stress on joints. All classes include options to work out at your own level. Participants should be comfortable in chest deep water.



Monday - Friday 

8:40am - 9:20am

Monday - Friday 

9:30am - 10:10am

Tuesday and Thursday

8:10pm -8:50pm

Saturday and Sunday

12:15pm - 12:55pm

Deep Water Aquafit (starting Sept 5th)

A challenging non-Impact program conducted in deep water. Participant should be comfortable in deep water, buoyancy belts are required and provided.



Monday & Wednesday

8:10pm - 8:50pm

Gentle Aquafit (starting Sept 5th)

Gentle Aquafit is a 30 min low impact fitness class. These classes will focus on using the water for resistance with very little jumping or high impact movements.



Monday, Wednesday, Friday

11:20am - 11:50am

Drop-in Fitness Admission Fees



Book of 10

Aquafit $5.25 $47.25
Gentle Aquafit $3.75 $33.75

Fitness Memberships

Includes access to drop-in Recreational Swims (Lane Swims and Family Swims) and Drop-in Fitness Classes (Aquafit).


1 month

3 Months

12 months

Aquatic Fitness Membership $45 $112 $410

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