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Aqua Fitness

Southside Aquatic Centre and both the main and upper parking lots are open


Drop-In Aquatic Fitness Programs

 Shallow Water Aquafit

A shallow water fitness workout conducted by an instructor in chest deep water. Participants should be comfortable in chest deep water. *A lane available for swimmers.




Monday - Friday 

9:10 - 9:55 am*
Tuesday & Thursday 8:10 - 8:55 pm*
 Deep Water Aquafit

A challenging, non-impact program conducted in deep water. Participants should be comfortable in deep water. Buoyancy belts are provided. 


Summer Hours (Start July 2nd)



Monday & Wednesday  8:10 -8:55 pm
 Water Walking

Water walking provides an excellent, low-impact aerobic workout while using the water as resistance. Strengthen and build muscle as you water walk. *A lane available for swimmers.


Summer Hours (Start July 2nd)



Monday - Friday

 11:00 - 11:30 am

Lions Pool




Monday - Friday 10:40 -11:25 am

Registered Aquatic Fitness Programs

 Baby and Me Aqua Fitness

 Babies help you work out while they get their first orientation to the water. Strong focus on tightening abdominals after childbirth. You and Your child will participate in a music and Movement filled class. This class is geared to improving the parent’s fitness level and the child’s comfortability in the water. Bond with your baby and get fit with the benefits of the water.

Baby and Me Fitness

 Adult Swim Fitness

 Looking for some fitness motivation? Want to increase your fitness level and meet new people with the same goals? Swim up to 3x each week and the swim coach will help guide you through a workout each day geared towards each individual’s goals and abilities. You should be able to swim 400m prior to beginning this program. 

Adult Swim Fitness

Drop-in Fitness Admission Fees



Book of 10

Aquafit $5.25 $47.25
Water Walking $3.75 $33.75

Admission Standards:

All Children 5 years of age or under must swim in the shallow end with a Parent/Guardian (12+yrs). Children must remain within direct supervision and within arm's reach. Maximum of 2 children per each Parent/Guardian (1:2).

Children 6-9 years MUST swim in the shallow end with Parent/Guardian (12+ yrs.) Children must remain within direct supervision and within arm's reach.  Maximum of 4 children per each parent/guardian (1:4).

Children 6-9 years who pass the Swim admission test (30m) may swim unaccompanied. Children who have completed the test may be asked to take the test if aquatic staff is concerned that they cannot demonstrate the ability to maintain the Swim Admission Standard.

All Children 6-9 years who have met the swim admission test must have a parent/guardian in the pool area.













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