Collection and Research

Our Mission

"The Woodstock Museum NHS exists to collect, conserve, research, exhibit and interpret a collection of representative and significant artifacts that contribute to an understanding of the history of Woodstock and North Oxford County."

The Collection

The Museum's collection contains over 23,000 artifacts, including over 8,500 objects, 11,000 photographic images and 3,500 archival documents of Woodstock's history, which can be viewed on our Online Collections Database! To see an artifact in person for research purposes, or if you have any question about the collection, please contact the Museum Collection/Exhibit Coordinator (519) 537-8411 ex 2902 to set up an appointment.

The Education Collection

The Museum has a small education collection that is used in our education programming. The artifacts in this collection can be picked up and handled, which allows the public to get a hands-on approach to history.

The Research Room

The Museum has a small research room which contains books and vertical files on local history information. The room is open to the public during normal hours, by appointment only. Please contact the Collection/Exhibit Coordinator (519) 537-8411 ex 2902 to set up an appointment.

Research Documents

The Museum has list of topics that have already been researched, and the information compiled into digital documents. Please see our Research Documents page for the list. 

Contact Us

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