City Boulevard Trees

New Subdivision Trees

We plant trees in new subdivisions based upon agreements between the Developer and the City. Street trees are planted once all homes are built, roadways have at least one coat of asphalt, curbs and driveways have been installed and sodding has been completed.

New home owners may find a tree related charge on the closing purchase price of their home. This charge has been incurred by the developer to plant community trees.

Not every address receives a tree due to planting limitations such as conflicts with underground utilities & pedestals, fire hydrants, light & hydro poles and stop signs. The City does not provide refunds for street tree planting. Residents cannot contribute funds in order to receive upgrades, additional trees or to have trees planted on their private property.

Replacement tree planting

When a dead, dying or diseased tree located on City property requires removal, a new replacement tree(s) will be replanted in a location determined by Forestry staff.

All requests for a replacement tree must be submitted to Forestry prior to April 1st of each year.

Planting shared trees

Occasionally, while planting trees on City-owned boulevards, we must plant between two house frontages to:

  • avoid planting trees in drainage swales;
  • avoid future interference with driveways;
  • allow the planting of a variety of broad crowned trees on limited frontages;
  • allow for adequate rooting area to sustain a new tree; or
  • avoid competition between developing tree crowns.

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