Changing Exhibits

Letters from Japan

(Sept 7 to Feb 17)

This exhibit showcases selected letters, gifts, and pictures that Michiyo Shirai sent Shirley Woodall from 1950 to 2017. The letters and gifts were chosen for their personal, historical, and/or cultural significance, and are used to illustrate an example of Japanese culture during this period.

Letters from Japan Poster

Captured Under Glass 

(July 27 to Oct 19)

In the digital era, it is difficult to imagine the time-consuming and painstaking effort it took to make images in the early years of photography. One of the earlies photograph processes was to capture a negative image through a camera on a chemical treated glass plate, which was then in turn used to develop a paper positive print. Glass plates negatives where sharper and better than previous methods and allowed for the photographer to create multiple copies from a single negative. This made them the predominate method of taking a photograph from 1860 to the early 1900’s when it was surpassed by film. Come and see the stunning collection of Glass plate Negatives at the Woodstock Museum.

Captured under glass

Recent Acquisition Exhibit

(June 8 to Oct 19)

Come see the most interesting addition to the museum collection from 2017 and 2018 in our newly renovated gallery space.

 Recent Acquisition Exhibit

Back for it's Second Run! (Originally Shown in 2012)

Mad about the Town: The History of Controversy in Woodstock

(June 8 to Aug 31)

Has something in the community ever made you MAD?  Got under your skin, made your blood boil? Divided you from friends, family and neighbors?  Have you ever thought that things like this just wouldn’t happen in “the good old days” when times were simpler?  Well, controversial issues have been around as long as the town has been here.  From the early days of Woodstock to present, we will examine a few of the controversial issues that have divided the town. Some of them might surprise you. Find out what made your ancestors MAD, and decided whether “the good old days” really were

.Mad about the town

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