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Arena's Return to Play

Return to Play - Arena User Guidelines

The Province of Ontario has moved to a Three Phase Reopening plan. Indoor Sports and Recreation are slated to open in Phase 3. These are the Guidelines the City of Woodstock are applying in the opening of the arena facilities for operation. This is a set of guidelines that all users must follow to allow a safe return to play. Cooperation from everyone will be needed to be successful in all aspects.

Ice Installation

Reeves Community Complex will open the Green Pad August 3rd. The Red pad will open August 23rd incorporating the guidelines set out by the Province, Southwestern Public Health and our Municipality.  The Civic Centre will be added if there is a demand for it & Guidelines Permit.

These requirements

  • Mask/Face Coverings –required at point of entry and must be worn in all public spaces.

                                          Players may remove mask while on ice/bench. All coaches/helpers must wear                                            a mask at all times.

  • Physical Distancing-   maintain 2metres (6f) in all public spaces except on the ice surface.

                                         Public spaces include lobby, hallways, washrooms, dressing rooms, Designated                                           Skate On/Off areas and bleachers

 Gathering Limits


Red Rink / Green Rink Parents/Guardians

Minor Sport - 25 maximum total on ice includes skaters and coaches

 (No bench use)

  • Prolonged or deliberate contact while playing sports is not permitted
25 maximum (designated standing/seating areas)

Adult Rental - 20 maximum rental (allows 5 on 5 play with
4 spares per bench)

  • Prolonged or deliberate contact while playing sports is not permitted
No spectators


  • Leagues can use the Adult Rental maximum of 20 plus Referee and Timekeeper. This would allow a 4 team league to be created. You could also look to create play with 4 on 4.
  • But leagues must not contain more than 50 participant’s total. If participants in a league exceed 50 players, the league may divide into smaller groups of no more than 50 players. (E.g. A league with 200 players can split and become 4 smaller groups to play games. All games must consist of the same 50 people with no substitutions or cross-overs between the groups).
  • Players are not yet permitted to play against players outside of their league or group.
  • Recreational sports leagues may resume games so long as they do not allow prolonged or deliberate physical contact between players or if they have modifications to avoid physical contact between players.
No spectators


 Entry to Facility
  • All participants are encouraged to arrive at the facility dressed.
  • 11 and under it will be mandatory to come dressed.
  • Entrance will be permitted 15 minutes prior to rental to begin check in at the reception area Participants arriving earlier must wait outside. Once check in is completed the doors will be locked until the next rental. There will be no reentry if you choose to leave.

  • Change rooms will have a maximum of 8 to allow physical distancing. No Showers will be available at this time.

  • Rentals will be either assigned the required number of Change Rooms or to the Designated Skate On/Off Area.

  • Each organization/permit holder/convener who is utilizing the facility must conduct passive screening of all participants and spectators prior to being allowed entry passed the reception area. If an organization or renter does not have a screening tool they can utilize the self-assessment app which can be found at or the screening tool at the end of this document.

  • Each organization must maintain a contact list (name, phone number and email) for contact tracing purposes. The Municipality will not ask for this information unless required by Southwestern Public Health in case of a positive test and contact tracing is required.

  • City staff will be present at Entrance reception to help educate patrons during check in facility guidelines and to make sure maximum numbers are not exceeded.

  • Permit holder (Adult rentals) may provide a contact list (name, phone number and email) for contact tracing to the City of Woodstock. You can email the list to the contact listed below. This list will be used to check players into the arena by the permit holder or city staff. Players not on the list will not be granted access. These lists will be kept secured after check in and this information not be accessed unless required by Southwestern Public Health in case of a positive test and contact tracing is required.

  • Sanitize hands upon arriving at the arena, before and after leaving the ice surface.

  • Participants will be asked to follow the directional signage to the change rooms/designated skate on/off area and ice area. They will then proceed onto the ice through the designated ice entry point in a physical distanced format.

  • There is NO warm-ups in the facility.

  • Absolutely NO SPITTING anywhere in the facility.

  • Water bottle fill stations are available. The drinking spouts are closed. Sharing of water bottles is prohibited.

  • At this time there will be no keys provided for locking change rooms. If a group would like a room locked they will need to notify facility staff.

 Exiting the Facility
  • Participants who just exited the ice surface have 15 minutes to change and exit the facility following the exit signage. 
  • Participants will be asked to follow the directional signage from the change rooms/designated skate on/off area to the exit.
  • When leaving the Facility sanitize your hands.
  • The Red Rink washrooms will be open with occupancy limits in place to promote physical distancing. Please follow posted signage.
  • There is also a designated washroom on the lower level Green Rink on the spectator side. Follow signage. 
  • Facility staff will be cleaning and sanitizing change rooms and areas after every use. Washroom cleaning and sanitization frequency will be increased. There also will be a cleaning of high frequency touch points several times per day.
  • The Concession will remain closed for the reopening.
  • Food and beverage will be NOT BE permitted in the facility. There is not be any team food event, or fundraisers allowed at this time.
 Booking Facility
  • Green Rink will be booked on the hour and Red Rink on the ½ hour. 1 hour allotment unless you are the last rental of the day
  • Contracts will be emailed to the User Groups. No contracts will be issued by mail. Signed contracts will be returned via scanned email. We will not accept returned contracts by hand.
  • Payments for ice can be made over the phone with credit card, online (your account may need to be linked) or in person at Woodstock City Hall (500 Dundas St).

Contact Us

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