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Recreational Swimming

During the Holiday Period the following days Southside Aquatic Centre will be closed or have adjusted hours 

December 24th - 6:30-1:00 pm
December 25th - Closed
December 26th - Closed
December 31st - 6:30-1:00 pm
January 1st  - Closed

Recreational Swim Times:

Admission standards must be followed. Sauna is only open during these times. For admission rates click here

Public Swims:

Public swims make use of the entire pool, and are open to anyone. Admissions standards apply.

Southside Aquatic Centre



Tuesday & Thursday

7:05-8:05 pm


7:05-8:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday 

1:35-3:00 pm

Added Holiday Public Swim (December 22-January 6th) :



Monday - Friday

1:15-3:00 pm

Monday - Thursday

6:30-8:05 pm

Saturday & Sunday 

10:00-11:50 am

Adult and Child Swim

Swim for adults and Children with only portions of the pool available. Admissions standards apply

Southside Aquatic Centre



Monday - Friday


Lane Swimming:

Two or more lanes are open for swimming lengths. The pool may be shared with other programs. 

Southside Aquatic Centre



Monday - Friday 

6:30 - 9:00 am

Monday - Friday

11:05 am - 1:00 pm

Monday & Wednesday

9:05-10:15 pm
Tuesday & Thursday 8:10-9:30 pm
Saturday  7:30 - 8:55 am
Saturday & Sunday 12:05-1:30 pm












Aquatic Admission Rates:

Drop-in rates:

Age Group


Book of 10

Youth (1-17)

$2.75 $24.75

Adult (17+)

$4.00 $36.00

Senior (60+)

$3.25 $29.25


$9.00 $81.00


$5.25 $47.25
Water Walking $3.75 $33.75

Admission Standards:

All Children 5 years of age or under must swim in the shallow end with a Parent/Guardian (12+yrs). Children must remain within direct supervision and within arm's reach. Maximum of 2 children per each Parent/Guardian (1:2).

Children 6-9 yrs. MUST swim in the shallow end with Parent/Guardian (12+ yrs.) Children must remain within direct supervision and within arm's reach.  Maximum of 4 children per each parent/guardian (1:4).

Children 6-9yrs who pass the Swim admission test (30m) may swim unaccompanied. Children who have completed the test may be asked to take the test if aquatic staff is concerned that they cannot demonstrate the ability to maintain the Swim Admission Standard.

All Children 6-9yrs who have met the swim admission test must have a parent/guardian in the pool area.


































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