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Aquatic Programs

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Swim Lessons and Programming

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Recreational Swimming

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Aqua Fitness

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Wading Pool and Splashpad

Lion's Pool will be open starting Monday, July 6. Programs offered will include Aquafit, Lane Swim, Family Swim, Summer Swim Team, and Private Swim Lessons. However, due to Covid-19, there will be modifications put in place to ensure the safety of the staff and public. You must book a spot in advance for aquafit or lane swim. Please call 519-539-2382 x2720 starting Friday, July 3 (8:30am to 3:00pm). Please leave a message if a staff member is not available. Online bookings will be available soon.

What recreational programs will be offered?

Aquafit: Help improve stamina, endurance and muscle strength while reducing stress on joints. All classes include options to work out at your own level. To attend you must book your swim time online or over the phone before visiting (Call 519-539-2382 x2720). You are limited to one visit per day.


Family Swim: The family swim allows participants to use the entire pool freely while maintaining physical distancing. To ensure physical distancing is adhered to, a parent/guardian (12 years +) must accompany those 12 years and younger in the water. Parents/ guardians are responsible for ensuring that physical distancing of 2 metres is maintained throughout the swim (except those within your group). Booking in advanced is recommended as space will be limited to 30 people maximum.


Adult Lane and Leisure Swim: The Adult Lane and Leisure Swim allow participants to swim laps or engage in water exercise. The pool will be limited to 1 person per lane and swimmers must swim along black lane line, as social distancing must be maintained. To attend you must book your swim time online or over the phone before visiting (Call 519-539-2382 x2720). You are limited to one visit per day.

What registered programs will be offered?

Private Swim Lessons: A week of (5) daily lessons for up to 3 participants. The participants must be from the same family or household. Due to provincial guidelines, all swim lessons must be in line with physical distancing measures. Only household members can assist swimmers with physical contact therefore a parent or guardian (at least 14 years of age) must actively participate in the water for the entirety of the lesson. This applies to all preschoolers (5 years and under) and school aged children in swimmer 1 and 2.  Instructors will be teaching from a distance or the side.


Private Swim Lesson Registration


Woodstock Summer Swim Team: The Woodstock Summer Swim team is a great way to build your swimming skills and have fun while being part of one of Southwestern Ontario’s biggest summer swim teams. Get ready to so stroke drills and correction, as well as practice and learn flip turns and starting dives.

In order to join the team, we ask that you to be able to comfortably swim 30m (one length of Lions Pool). Social distancing guideline will be in place and only one swimmer per lane.


Woodstock Summer Swim Team Registration


Do I have to register in advance?

Yes, following the provincial guidelines regarding reduced capacity, swim times must be reserved and paid for in advance. Registration is on a first come, first served basis and it must be done online or over the phone. You will be limited to to one type of swim registration per day to accommodate as many guests as possible. (For example, you may register for one lane swim and one Aquafit each day). Each pool attendee must be included in your registration.

Is there anything I should be aware of before visiting Lion's Pool? 

Before visiting Lion's pool, users must complete the Ontario Ministry of Health self-assessment for COVID-19 and if they do not pass the assessment, they should not go to the pool.

What measures/procedures are in place to ensure my safety? 

To ensure the health and safety of staff and participants, the following precautions will be implemented at Lions pool:

  • Controlled access through separate entry and exit points ensure required distancing
  • Customers are to arrive ready to swim, on deck showers will be available and showers must be taken with soap and water
  • Increased cleaning measures in accordance with Parks and Recreation Department Standard Operating Procedures
  • Use of physical markers (in water and on deck) and signage to indicate the appropriate 2 meters/6 feet spacing distance and traffic flow, where appropriate
  • Strict screening requirements, those displaying symptoms or who do not meet the self-assessment will not be admitted
  • Only essential equipment will be provided to patrons
  • Diving board will be unavailable
  • Changerooms are closed
  • Washrooms are available in the changerooms, and only 1 person or family is permitted at a time
 Has the swim admission standard changed during Covid-19 swims?

Yes. New safety measures in addition to our existing admissions

All Children 5 years of age or under must swim in the shallow end with a Parent/Guardian (12+ yrs). Children must remain within direct supervision and within arm's reach. Maximum of 2 children per each Parent/Guardian (1:2).

Children 6-9 years MUST swim in the shallow end with Parent/Guardian (12+ yrs.) Children must remain within direct supervision and within arm's reach.  Maximum of 4 children per each parent/guardian (1:4).

Children 6-9 years who pass the Swim admission test (30m) may swim unaccompanied but a parent/guardian must remain in the pool to ensure social distancing is maintained. Children who have completed the test may be asked to take the test if aquatic staff is concerned that they cannot demonstrate the ability to maintain the Swim Admission Standard.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring that physical distancing of 2m is maintained throughout the swim (except those within your group).

What equipment will be available?
Swim aids will not be available for public use. Please note that the diving board will remain closed.
How many people are allowed to swim?

Adult Lane and Leisure swims will be one swimmer per lane. All Aquafit and Family Swims will have a significantly reduced swimmer capacity. Participants must respect and listen to staff’s instructions around physical distancing at all times. 

Will I have access to the changerooms? 
Changerooms are closed and swimmers are required to arrive in their swim wear and will be required to leave in the same fashion. The changerooms can be accessed for washrooms only, and only 1 person or family may enter at one time.
What about my membership that's currently on hold?
These memberships will remain on hold for now. This Summer, participants may purchase an Adult or Youth Summer Swim Pass that allows you access.
Do I already have an online account?

You likely do, and it will be linked to your email address. Visit At the login screen, use the reset password button to complete your account setup.

If that does not work, or if you don't believe you have an account with the City, please email

The Southside Aquatic Centre remains closed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The City of Woodstock offers several different Aquatic facilities, including an indoor pool that is open year round, and an outdoor pool, a water park and two splash pads that are open seasonally. Information about each of our facilities can be found below.

Southside Aquatic Centre


Located at 315 Finkle Street, Southside Aquatic Centre offers an "L" shaped 25m six-lane section and a 10m by 10m deep end, with diving board, pool lift and sauna.  There are three change-room options; family, mens and ladies change rooms to accommodate everyone's needs. Upstairs is a meeting room and viewing area. You can contact the pool at 519-539-2382 ext. 2701

Amenities offered at Southside Aquatic Centre include

Southside Aquatic 2019 Seasonal Closures

  • Labor Day-Septemer 2nd, 2019
  • Annual Pool Maintenance-September 3rd-September 15th, 2019
  • Thanksgiving Day- October 14th, 2019
  • Christmas Day- December 25 2019
  • Boxing Day- December 26 2019
  • New Years Day - January 1st 2020

Lions Pool

Located at 245 Vansittart Avenue, the Lion's Pool is an outdoor city-run community facility that operates for the months of July and August. You can contact Lions Pool at 519-539-2382 ext. 2720

Built in 1947 the 105' x 45' pool offers recreational swimming, swimming lessons and a highly successful swim team for all ages.

For Public Swims and Lane Swimming times visit Recreational Swimming page or Aquatic Fitness for aquafit times.

Spray & Play Wading Pool

Closed for season

  • A seasonal admission based, supervised children's shallow water play facility with a wading pool with Splash and Spray structure, also a slide to a catch pool and dry land playground.
  • Picnic tables and observation deck, stay and play all day.
  • Birthday parties, toddlers and parents time, snack booth

For more information on the City of Woodstock's Wading Pool and Splash Pads. 

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