The Woodstock Economic Development Advisory Committee (WEDAC) was formed to implement development and marketing programs leading to balanced and steady economic growth through existing and new investment. The two main goals of the committee are to attract new business to the community and to ensure that existing businesses prosper and expand with the objective of creating new employment opportunities and tax assessment. WEDAC's mandate includes the following:

  • Monitoring the Economic Development strategies approved by City Council
  • Reporting to Council on the Department's performance against objectives
  • Reviewing the Department's annual operating budget to ensure it coincides with the approved strategies
  • Provide support on specific opportunities and challenges when requested by City Council, the Economic Development Department and other stakeholders in Economic Development, and
  • Advocating on behalf of the business community regarding policies from all levels of government which may be seen as being beneficial or detrimental to business retention and attraction.


Committee meetings are held at Woodstock City Hall. The committee meets at least once every 3 months at a regular date and time mutually agreed upon by a majority of the members.

View our agenda, meetings and minutes.


  • Mayor Trevor Birtch (Council Representative)
  • Jonnathan Brownlee
  • Paul Chambers (Chamber Representative)
  • Stephen Courtney
  • Jeffery Csinos
  • Brad Hammond (Staff Representative)
  • Jim Harrison
  • David Kohse
  • Len Magyar (Staff Representative)
  • Councillor Shawn Shapton(Council Representative)
  • Adam Steward
  • John Utting (BIA Representative)

Raising issues

If you have an issue or concern, contact us. We will respond within 7 days of receiving your concern.


Members of the committee remain on the committee for the duration of the current council term of office.

Applying for a board or committee position

Complete the boards and committees application form and submit it to the clerk's department.