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Zoning Bylaws


All land within the City of Woodstock are affected by the zoning bylaw

The zoning bylaw controls the use of land in the community and states exactly, among other matters:

  • How land can be used
  • Where buildings and structures can be located and how they can be used
  • Lot sizes and dimensions
  • Parking requirements
  • Building heights and setbacks from streets

Where an official plan sets out the municipality's general policies for future development, zoning bylaws put those policies into effect and provide the day-to-day administration of land use. The conditions of the zoning bylaw are specific and are enforced.

Read the City of Woodstock zoning bylaw.

For up-to-date zoning information on specific properties, contact the City of Woodstock Engineering Office.

Paper copies of the bylaw can be purchased from the County of Oxford Community and Strategic Planning Office for $55 + HST each. Shipping is extra.

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