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The purpose of the Youth Advisory Committee is to receive direct citizen input into matters relating to youth in order to enhance the well-being of youth in our community. Please view the Youth Advisory Committee information, Chapter 75 in the Woodstock Municipal Code.


The Woodstock Youth Advisory Committee shall be composed of the following voting members:

  1. two members of Woodstock City Council for the current term; and
  2. up to five youth members who shall be a resident within the City of Woodstock with preference being given to representatives from each secondary school in the City. By-law 9224-18 – August 9, 2018.

The Committee may invite either youth or adults from a youth sector organization such as arts and entertainment, sports and fitness, justice, employment, and education or other interested groups that participate in youth issues within Woodstock to participate and provide information and advice to the Committee but these members shall not be voting members.

More information about this committee can be found by reviewing Chapter 75 of the Woodstock Municipal Code.

Due to a lack of applications, staff will be conducting further recruitment in early 2023 to form this committee. 

Council Representatives

Staff Representative

  • Danielle Ciccarelli


The Woodstock Youth Advisory Committee (WYAC) meets once a month on a rotating schedule depending on when youth are available to meet. The meetings are held at Cowan Park Sportsplex in the boardroom. The committee does not meet in December, July and August. Please contact the staff representative listed at the bottom of this page or the Council representatives to confirm dates and receive additional information.

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Raising issues

If you are between the ages of 13 - 21 and have an issue or concern, contact us to discuss.

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