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Voting Proxy

Election 2022 October 24 2022

Appointing a voting proxy

If you will be unable to cast your own ballot, you may appoint someone to act on your behalf who is also an eligible voter in Woodstock. This person is called your voting proxy. To appoint a voting proxy, you and the person who will be voting for you must fill out two (2) copies of the Appointment for Voting Proxy Form (Form 3). You must know who you want to appoint as your proxy when you fill out and sign the forms and this person must be eligible to vote in the same municipal election.

Check to ensure that you are both on the voters' list before filling out the form in order to avoid delays or issues with the appointment. The earliest that a proxy can be appointed is after candidates have been certified on August 22, 2022.

Being a voting proxy

If someone has appointed you as their voting proxy, you must take the two completed forms to City Hall to be certified. If you are unable to take the forms to City Hall, can you submit a signed electronic copy to If you chose to submit the form electronically, Box D must be signed and stamped by a Commissioner of Oath.

Once the forms have been certified and a copy has been returned to you by City Hall, you may cast a vote on behalf of the person who appointed you by presenting the certified form at the poll.

You may also be appointed as the proxy for multiple family members if they are your spouse, sibling, parent, child, grandparent or grandchild. There is no limit to the number of times you may be appointed, but it must only be for family members. You cannot be appointed as a proxy for a non-family member and a family member at the same time.

If you are appointed as the proxy for a person who is not a family member, you can act as the proxy for this one (1) person only. You cannot be a proxy for anyone else.

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