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Third Party Advertisers

Election 2022 October 24 2022

Third Party Advertisers

The Municipal Elections Act, 1996 now includes rules for third party advertising.

Registrations were open from May 2, 2022 to 4:30 p.m. on October 21, 2022. Visit our List of Registered Third Party Advertisers to see the list of registered third parties for the 2022 election.

Registration Package​

The 2022 Third Party Information and Registration Package. This package includes required information and registration forms for third party advertisers. All third party advertisers are required to review the Information and Registration Package. Printed copies are available in the Clerk's Office, Main Floor - City Hall, 500 Dundas Street. Third Parties are encouraged to make an appointment to file a registration to avoid any delays and have eligible registrations certified as quickly as possible. Appointments can be made by calling 519-539-1291 or emailing Third Party Advertisers may be permitted to submit their registration electronically. Contact the Woodstock City Clerk for more details.

What is a Third Party Advertisement?

A third party advertisement is an advertisement in any broadcast, print, electronic or other medium that has the purpose of promoting, supporting or opposing a candidate in the election, or a “yes” or “no” answer to a question on the ballot. 

Third party advertisements do not include:

  • Advertisements by or under the direction of a candidate
  • Issues-based advertising during the election period (with the exception of advertising that has the purpose of promoting, supporting or opposing a “yes” or “no” answer to a question on the ballot)
  • Advertising that does not cost money to post or broadcast, such as comments made on social media

Who can become a Third Party Advertiser?

A third party advertiser is any individual, corporation or trade union that causes an election campaign advertisement to appear. A third party advertiser is required to register with the City Clerk of the municipality where they want to advertise.


You are eligible to register as a third party advertiser if you are:

  • An individual who is normally a resident in Ontario
  • A corporation that carries on business in Ontario
  • A trade union that holds bargaining rights for employees in Ontario

You are not eligible to register as a third party advertiser if you are:

  • A candidate whose nomination has been filed under section 33 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996
  • A federal political party registered under the Canada Elections Act (Canada) or any federal constituency association or registered candidate at a federal election endorsed by that party
  • A provincial political party, constituency association, registered candidate or leadership contestant registered under the Election Finances Act
  • The Crown in right of Canada or Ontario, a municipality or local board

Know the Legislation​​

​The framework for third party advertising is included in the Municipal Elections Act, 1996. It is important to know your responsibilities as a potential third party advertiser. Please review the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 for more information.

Municipal Resources

Candidates, third party advertisers or any other persons are not permitted to use City corporate resources for election campaign purposes and must adhere to the Rules for the Use of Municipal Resources During the Election Campaign Period. This policy is necessary to safeguard the interests of the municipality and to preserve public trust and overall integrity of the elections process. It also ensures that all candidates and third party advertisers are treated equally, fairly and consistently within the municipality.

For further information about municipal and school board elections, please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs Election webpage or email


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