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Property Bylaws


Snow Removal

All properties in a prescribed area of the downtown core shall have the sidewalks fronting their establishment cleared of ice/snow between the hours of 10AM - 6PM.

Property Standards

The property standards bylaw contains numerous minimum standards of maintenance required of property owners and landlords. If you are a tenant and have specific concerns please call the bylaw enforcement office. To lodge a complaint we will require a copy of your written request for correction of matters written to the landlord. An inspection of the premises will follow your complaint. In the event that noncompliance is verified, a notice and/or an order to remedy will be forwarded to property owner.

Yard/Lot Maintenance

The waste materials bylaw requires properties to comply with the following:

  • Long grass and weeds in excess of 20cm (8 inches) shall be cut
  • Properties to be kept clear of all garbage or waste material
  • All vehicles to be currently licensed

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