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Mayor Trevor Birtch

Trevor Birtch is passionate about the City of Woodstock and its future! His family has called Woodstock home for over six generations. The first homestead in Woodstock was a log cabin built by his fifth-great grandfather in the early 1800's. Trevor was raised in a rural setting just outside of the city limits. Trevor maintained his ties with the city through regular activities including completing high school at Huron Park Secondary School in Woodstock and having several part-time jobs in the city including Firestone Textiles. Trevor completed his university education in nearby London at the University of Western Ontario; studying Politics and Business.

Trevor met his wife Cristabel in London shortly after finishing his degree. Together Trevor and Cristabel decided to live, work, and raise their family in the great community of Woodstock. Cristabel started her community involvement, while beginning the exciting work of circling the globe as a flight attendant. Trevor worked as a Financial Officer in the private sector for 6 years while living downtown with his wife, learning firsthand how hard everyone works to make a living. Trevor has been active as a volunteer and entrepreneur in the community, engaging with concerned community groups and learning that together we can create better possibilities for our local community. Trevor knows how local business works and can flourish with the right kind of support and encouragement from local government.

As he and his wife started their family, they moved to the south side of Woodstock and created their first back yard retreat that included a sandbox for Cassandra and Benjamin. Around this time Trevor started his new career in municipal government. He studied Municipal Property Taxation from Seneca College, and received the Performance Management certificate from the Business Development Bank of Canada.

As their family grew to include Margaret, Cristabel and Trevor moved to the north east area of town and created another back yard retreat with a larger sandbox. As their family grew they became avid cyclists and members of the Woodstock Cycle Club, with a special passion for encouraging others in the community to ride through their involvement in Open-Sky Bicycle co-op.

Trevor worked as a Financial Analyst at the County of Oxford for the past 11 years retiring from his post when he became Mayor. Trevor is no stranger to municipal government and the process; as a public servant he is equipped with the leadership ability and financial know-how necessary to get things done, and to ensure that the City of Woodstock is managed in a fiscally responsible and prudent manner. Trevor holds the Certified Municipal Officer designation from AMCTO, the most comprehensive accreditation programs in Canada for municipal leadership.

As Mayor, Trevor's mission will be to engage the people of Woodstock and make them part of its future, create an open and transparent local government with high integrity, promote local business and the Woodstock brand. Our economic health is important to our community's future and our children's and grand-children's future. Trevor will work closely with local business and all stakeholders to create new opportunities, rejuvenate our economic foundations, and together build and promote Woodstock around the world.

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