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Heritage Advisory



The purpose of the Heritage Advisory Committee is to:

  • Make recommendations, provide advice, and provide assistance  relating to Heritage designations
  • Make recommendations relating to Heritage permits and planning matters
  • Make recommendations regarding education and increased awareness of heritage properties in the city

Heritage Property Database


The Heritage Advisory Committee is made up of the following Citizen, Council and Staff representatives. Members of the committee remain on the committee for the duration of the current Council term of office.

Citizen Representatives

  • Brenda Currah
  • Peter Epler
  • Eleanor Gardhouse
  • S. Kent Rawson

Council Representative

Staff Representative

  • Karen Houston


The Woodstock Heritage Advisory Committee meets six times a year at the Woodstock Museum on a rotating schedule depending on when members are available to meet. The Committee does meet more often when or if heritage issues arise. Please contact the staff representative listed at the bottom of this page or the Council representative to confirm dates and receive additional information.

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Raising Issues

If you have an issue or concern, contact the Manager of Culture. We will respond within seven days of receiving your concern.

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