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Boundary Adjustments

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To help ensure Woodstock has enough residential and employment land to support the growth of our community, Woodstock City Council approved the establishment of a Boundary Adjustment Committee in May 2023 and entered into discussions with Township of Norwich to explore possible boundary adjustments. 

One of the driving factors for exploring a boundary adjustment between the City of Woodstock and Township of Norwich is to allow for the realignment of Pattullo Avenue to intersect Highway 59 further from the 401 ramps. As part of the discussions, the Boundary Adjustment Committees also considered the need for future employment lands and how those needs could potentially be met. 

The Committees have prepared a draft proposal and are now looking to consult with the public. Following the meetings on June 27, staff will review the feedback provided and finalize the boundary adjustment proposal for consideration by the Township, City and Oxford County Council. If the three local councils approve the proposal, it will be submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for review and approval.

Public Information and Consultation Meeting

Two public meetings were held on June 27, 2024. Property owners heard from City, Township and County staff about the lands under consideration, the reasons for the boundary adjustment and how municipal taxes, services and by-laws would change.

View the Proposed Boundary Adjustment Public Consultation Meeting presentation.

Written comments can be emailed to City of Woodstock or Township of Norwich by Aug. 2, 2024. All comments must include your name and address. Anonymous comments will not be accepted.

Resources and Additional Information

The following information has been developed to provide details about the draft boundary adjustment proposal.

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