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Art Gallery Advisory


The purpose of the Art Gallery Advisory Board is to provide advice or make recommendations regarding the administration and operations under the care and control of the Director/Curator of the Woodstock Art Gallery including but not limited to:

  • The objectives and policies of the Gallery in general as well as specific Gallery programs;
  • The status of Gallery programs and their relationship to community needs;
  • The Gallery's capital projects;
  • The education of the community in the history, appreciation and practice of the visual arts by exhibitions and public programs such as lectures, workshops, classes,exhibition tours and other activities;
  • Increasing public awareness and understanding of the Gallery's purpose and role;
  • The collection of works of art; and,
  • The maintenance and operation of the Gallery.

The Board shall prepare a Strategic/Business Plan for the Art Gallery. The Board is responsible to prepare and present to Council a report of annual progress on the Art Gallery's Strategic/Business Plan, budget presentation, all fundraising initiatives, including fundraising financial reports and any other report or information as requested by Council at their sole and unfettered discretion.


  • Judy Dent
  • Lisa Duffy
  • Martha Gingerich
  • Brian Hadley
  • Jay Heaman
  • David HIlderley
  • Connie Lauder (Council Representative)
  • Carol McWilliam
  • Lynne Moyer
  • Leslie Sorochan
  • Natasa Veljovic


Board meetings are held at Woodstock Art Gallery. The board meets at least 6 times per year at a regular date and time mutually agreed upon by a majority of the members.

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Raising issues

If you have an issue or concern, contact us.


The Board shall be responsible for appointing Members. The Board shall have a maximum of twelve (12) Members and a minimum of eight (8) Members and have at least one Member who is a member of Council, two artists, two arts professionals and 2 Community representatives. The maximum term shall be four years.

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