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2022 Financial Statements

City Hall

Provided below are the financial statements filed by the candidates of the 2022 Municipal and School Board Election.

Candidate Name
Jerry Acchione
David Hilderley
Anthony Scalisi
Trevor Birtch
Peter Croves - did not submit
Henry Biro
City and County Councillor 
Candidate Name
 Bernia Wheaton
 Deb Tait 
 Paul Plant
 Sandra J. Talbot

City Councillor 
Candidate Name
Kate Leatherbarrow
Liz Wismer-Van Meer
Connie Lauder
Mark Schadenberg
Jay Pember
Jaspreet Sandhu
Duane Kumala-Thomas
Wes Mazur
Leah Santos
Dave Babcock
Allison Frederick Gowling
Jason Norris
Francisco Cornejo
Thames Valley District School Board Trustee
Candidate Name
Leeanne Hopkins
David Edward Cripps
Seth Allen
London District Catholic School Board Trustee
Candidate Name
Mary Holmes
Ana Paula Alves

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