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2018 Election Results

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The official results of the City of Woodstock 2018 Municipal and School Board Election can be found below.

Voter turnout was 31.4%

Mayor (1 position)

Candidate Name Votes
Trevor Birtch 5412
Shawn Shapton 3664
Gabriel Rose 138

City-County Councillor (2 positions)

Candidate Name Votes
Sandra J. Talbot 5135
Deb Tait 5104
Michael Harding 3040
Naseeb Singh 1749
Peter Croves 826

City Councillor (4 positions)

Candidate Name Votes
Jerry Acchione 5483
Ron Fraser 5282
Connie Lauder 4969
Mark Schadenberg 4345
Kate Leatherbarrow 4286
Ross Gerrie 3395
Collin Matthews 1236

School Board Trustees

Please note that School Board Trustee results below encompass all of Oxford County.

The following offices have been acclaimed:

Candidate Name Office
Alexandre Alary Trustee - Conseil scolaire catholique Providence
Pierre Lambert Trustee - Conseil scolaire Viamonde

Thames Valley District School Board (2 positions)

Candidate Name Votes
Barb Yeoman 9329
Bill McKinnon 7918
Graham Hart 7887
Kelly Bairos 6427
Daniel West 4063

London District Catholic School Board (1 position)

Candidate Name Votes
Mary Holmes 1700
Edith Heleniak 1162




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