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Permit to Injure, Remove/Destroy a Tree

Broken Tree

Trimming, Removing or Destroying a Tree on Privately Owned Land

Privately Owned Land

The City of Woodstock has bylaws in place to prevent unnecessary destruction or injury of trees. Chapter 763, states that any property deemed as a woodland, lands with pending applications for development, environmentally protected, and certain zoning categories must apply to make changes to the trees on that land.

There are exemptions for this bylaw and they are laid out in the bylaw document under Article 4.

Click Here to see the City of Woodstock bylaw document - Property Maintenance Chapter 763 Trees Protection - Privately-Owned Lands.

If you own property as described in the bylaw and would like to make changes to the trees on your land click the link below to submit your application.

What About a Tree in my Yard?

Trees located on residential land, not owned by the City of Woodstock are at the discretion of the property owner. The City of Woodstock does not need to give approval for injury or removal of those trees. If you have a tree on your property that you are unsure is on City land, please call 519-539-2382 ext. 4101 and we will have a staff member come out and do an inspection.

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