2019 Budget Approval

Posted on Friday March 22, 2019

City Council approved Woodstock's 2019 Revenue Fund Budget supporting a total of approximately $79.3 million in expenditures for programs and services.  

In January, Woodstock City Council approved the 2019 Capital Budget which allocates $28.9 million for capital projects this year. 

With the approval of this Budget, City Council will improve Parks and Recreation services through funding to expand hours and services at Cowan Park Sportsplex and funding that allows for new public access to the Pittock Conservation North Shore day use area with pedestrian access across the Pittock Dam and public Pittock Lake water access for non-motorized canoeing/kayaking.  

“The Pittock Conservation Area is a jewel embedded within our City and this Budget provides funds to expand access and to improve the recreation amenities”, said Mayor Trevor Birtch.     

City Council has listened to the citizens of the City who want increased recycling collection services and approved a program to implement a  6 day collection cycle effective spring of 2020.  Residents will hear more about these changes later this year.     

“Woodstock is a growing community and the 2019 Budget reflects increases in staffing and equipment to improve the delivery of services while continuing to improve financial sustainability to minimize the reliance on debt”, said Mayor Trevor Birtch.    

The “City only” portion of the tax rate for the 2019 Budget will increase by 0.32 %representing a 1.9% ($46.73) increase for an average detached single family home which has an MPAC assessed value of $250,773.    

"Council ispleased that the tax increase is below the change in the inflation rate while maintaining and, in some instances, increasing the service level families have come to appreciate," said Mayor Trevor Birtch.

 Additional2019 Budget Highlights

  • Increased resources for Policing to allow for more efficient deployment of Officers and recognizing the social issues impacting Police Services across Ontario.  
  • $10 million to commence municipal servicing for the next phase of Patullo Ridge Business Park to increase our inventory of shovel ready land to support new business and industrial investment.
  • $450,000 for a new live fire training facility for the Fire Department to improve our training resources and reduce overtime costs due to sending Fire Suppression Staff to other communities.  
  • Additional funding for the enhancement of the physician recruitment program.  
  • $850,000 second floor expansion and renovation of the engineering department building.  

$444,000 for improvements to the north and south shore and pedestrian crossing over the Pittock dam.

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